patterdale terriers of keeper kennel located on 600 private acres in the pigeon river gorge surrounded by national forest in western N.C. I work my patterdale terriers on raccoon , opossum, .groundhogs,bobcat, and occasionally on wild hogs. I prefere to work my patterdale terriers on smaller game as they get killed to often on the larger game. My dogs are mostly nuttall with some gould and booth mixed in. All of my patterdale terriers are ptca registered. keeper kennel would like to take time out to thank mr. Robert Burns and the ptca for all of the hard work they have done to keep the pedigrees on this fine breed the patterdale terrier. I have owned many breeds of hunting dogs in my life but never anything that compares to the patterdale terrier in sport or companion. the patterdale terriers here at keeper patterdale terrier kennel are mostly bred down from Wilson’s bad billy they have a knock down drag out style about them.  I don’t know anything about anyone elses patterdale terriers but mine so please don’t ask. Welcome to Our New site

John 3:16 For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.. The patterdale terriers that I breed here at keeper patterdale terrier kennel  are bred from Wilson’s BAD BILLY. I got my first patterdale terriers several years ago from Jack Wilson  it was a male pup from mojo and velvet at the same time I got  a bitch pup out of Billy and queen of sheba 3. I was so impressed by these 2 dogs that I have linebred and inbred them now for about 12 years until I bought a male  out of billy from weapon x keeper patterdale terrier kennel has over 20 patterdale terriers all bad billy. I ‘m sure there are other fine bloodlines  out there but I will be breeding the BAD BILLY patterdale terriers till the blood runs out. all of my patterdale terriers are ptca registered . Update Keeper Kennel has recently started breeding some dead game noah blood into my breeding program we look forward to this new blood so only time will tell.                                     NO OUTSIDE STUD SERVICE EVER